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May 27, 2021

Interview: Ukulele Man, Phredd!

Ukulele Month continues on The Music Podcast for Kids!  This week, Mr. Fite interviews his friend,  Fred McNaughton. His stage name is Phredd and wow what a fun guy he is! We learn how Phredd began playing the ukulele and why this instrument has brought so much joy to his audiences and fans.


Phredd is The Ukulele Strumming, Harmonica Wailing, Suitcase Drum Kicking, Quirky Singer-Songwriter of Unmitigated Joy!

Phredd is the dad of 8 kids and the grand-dad of 6. He is a big kid himself.


Check out the Phredd Central website. There’s music, videos, and more!


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